What You Always Wanted To Know About Diamond Vs Moissanite

This article was written to answer many of the most frequently asked questions on this topic. I hope you find this information helpful. Whether to choose a diamond or a moissanite is actually a matter of choice. Moissanite is gorgeous, eye-catching jewelry and is budget-friendly. It does, however, represent a far less valuable financial investment, […]

Is An Online Jewelry Store A Fast Way To Riches?

There are so many success stories about the person who started an online jewelry or other online store and made $500,000 in the first year. They just seemed to do it overnight. They designed a jewelry website, put on some products and the sales just kept coming. It happened so fast that they were up […]

Colored Diamonds! Which Are The Most Popular Colored Diamonds?

Anything that is extremely rare is also expensive and diamonds are such valued and rare gemstones. Today, only 50% of diamonds that are mined can be judged for quality and very few can be polished. Even though technology has become very sophisticated, it is difficult to recover the small amount of gem quality. Almost everyone […]

Where To Find A Reliable Jewelry Buyer?

Do you have jewelry items that are unique and simply exquisite but for various reasons you want to sell them? Are you interested in finding a San Diego jewelry buyer with the aid of the Internet technology? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then the Internet is indeed a perfect place […]

Fun And Glamour Of Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

This way you kill two birds with one stone by adding delight to someone’s special day while at the same time using that person as a vehicle with which you can advertise your wholesale fashion jewelry also gives you an opportunity to earn money, look fabulous and contribute in making others look really put together […]